Doing Business in Yorkshire

Our website is a list of who is doing business in Yorkshire and who the top movers and shakers actually are. Many of these men and women are on the Board of many well known Yorkshire businesses and help make our county one of the investment choices of overseas and domestic investment.

We have gathered together information about a number of different aspects of starting and running your business under the headings that are shown below (such as "starting a new business"). Within each topic heading the information has been further sorted into relevant sub-topics (such as "ideas, innovation and patents").

Simply click on one of the topic headings to see and select whichever sub-topic most closely matches the information that you're looking for.

Please don't forget that we also provide information for particular types of business that you might find useful.

We have collected a number of guidance notes on regulations together by topic as an introductory guide to regulations affecting small businesses. Some Departments have also produced FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) which we have included where relevant.

Comprehensive guidance and forms produced by all UK Government Departments on regulations and taxation can be found on our Direct Access Government service.. The site also contains a comprehensive database of all government consultation documents and draft guidance which affect business.

Yorkshire Small Business Start-Up Service.

You might also like to try a pilot facility we are in the process of developing - it is called the Small Business Start-Up Service. This is designed to give you an understanding of the regulations that are involved in setting up a business but which is 'customised' to your own particular circumstances.

The SBS has issued guidance to departments on an implementation period for new legislation. This sets out a general requirement (with a few necessary exceptions) that guidance on new legislation likely to impact on business should be issued at least 12 weeks before the legislation comes into force. These procedures take effect from 1 January 2016.

Information about local trading standards

Information about local trading standards and regulations is available from your local authority. Those local authorities that have websites are listed on the Open Government website, which is maintained by the CCTA. Information is also available on the websites maintained by Local Authorities Co-ordinating Body on Food and Trading Standards (LACOTS) and the relevant professional body, the ITSA. The latter includes a number of Guidance Leaflets on topics such as "Information for butchers" and "Selling safe second-hand electrical goods".

Seeing things from your customers' point of view, the DTI has created the Consumer Gateway website. This provides information and advice for consumers and links to similar websites produced by other Government Departments, consumer organisations and others.

If you are interested in Government policy on regulations, then you may like to visit the website of the Cabinet Office Regulatory Impact Unit and see the Government's response to the Better Regulation Task Force's report, available here in PDF format.